Value Recording


Why Bruce Hoff Music Studio?

  • Value – Compared to what you’ll get at a commercial studio, I think what I offer is a much lower price with only a small difference in quality.   Put another way, if you go to a studio you can expect a professionally produced and engineered recording of very high quality with a price to match.  You get what you pay for.  I like to think I give my customers more than they pay for.  I believe that what I offer is a quality recording, not professionally produced or engineered, that is almost as good as you can get at a studio at a far lower price.
  • Portability – My equipment is portable, so recording can be done in my home or I can come to you.  That may mean recording a live gig, in your home, or even some other location such as a school, church, etc.
  • Honesty – I think it is important that I work within my limits and not pretend to know something I don’t or be able to do something I can’t.  I am very honest with my customers and I think they appreciate that.
  • Satisfaction – I operate on the principle that you are paying me to do a job, and that makes you the boss.  I may make suggestions, but ultimately the customer has final say over everything.  I strive to give the customer what they want-not what I think they should have. This approach has worked well.  I want every customer to be happy with what I’ve done for them.  That is my goal.
  • Free trial – If you’re unsure whether or not I’m the guy to record your music, I  offer a 1-hour (or whatever seems reasonable at the time) trial period.  If, after working together for that time, you decide it isn’t what you were looking for, you walk away with nothing and owe me nothing.
  • Flexibility – I will try my best to accommodate you and
    your schedule whenever possible, whether that means mornings, afternoons, evenings, or weekends. If you anticipate trouble with my payment policy, let me know. We’ll work out something. Whenever issues of any sort come up, my standard response is to ask the customer what works for them. Nothing is cast in stone.
  • Friendly, like being at home atmosphere – I’ve been described as friendly, easy-going,  and easy to work with.  I make jokes about everything-except your music.  I do not see my customers as dollar signs.  I treat them as friends.    If we’re working at my house, I treat you like a guest.
  • I record children – Does your child play an instrument? A recording makes a great gift or memento.
  • No minimum – There is no minimum job size.  I’ve done jobs as small as $20.  I’m happy to help you out with your small projects.

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