Guitar Lesson Testimonials

What they say about my guitar lessons

Bruce is awesome. He is patient, and knows how to not only teach guitar, but tune the lessons depending on how I am doing week to week. He keeps it lighthearted while we progress. Highly recommended.

Brian H.

Bruce is thorough in his lessons. I have some knowledge of the guitar. Bruce is making sure that what I have learned, that I understand why it is what it is. Bruce is very patient and wants me to learn correctly. He’s even working on breaking some bad habits I have already developed. Very happy with this teacher.

Larry R.

I’m happy with Bruce. He is patient and the lessons go by quickly because they are fun. I especially appreciate his focus on fundamentals and learning the right way.

Andy B.

I feel very fortunate to have found Bruce for guitar lessons for my daughter.  I had other guitar teachers before but none of them were of the quality of Bruce.  He has a well grounded lesson plan and is teaching my daughter how to properly play a guitar vs. just teaching her to play notes or chords on a page. He is very personable and professional and knows how to convey ways to improve without sounding critical.  He welcomes questions and is willing to vary the routine (adding in holiday songs or a song my daughter really wants to learn) to keep things interesting.  He is even taking the time to adjust a more complicated song my daughter wants to play to her skill level.  My daughter loves to play the guitar and I have no doubt her interest is being maintained by her lessons with Bruce.

Jennifer T.

Bruce uses a variety of effective methods in his teaching. He focuses on technique fundamentals and theory while also using ear training and play along tracks to help students improve their skills in a fun way. My son has enjoyed learning to play and developed a greater appreciation for a wider variety of music through his lessons with Bruce.

Peter A.

My son, Marcus, has been taking guitar lessons from Bruce since February of 2009. During this time, Marcus has learned not only how to play the guitar, but a great deal about music theory. Bruce continues to engage Marcus over the years, adapting and increasing the challenges as Marcus gets older. Bruce is very patient and willing to accommodate the student’s needs while still holding them accountable. As a parent I appreciate that Bruce is very responsive to all communication and is willing to work with changing school schedules. We look forward to many more years of guitar lessons with Bruce.

Cyndi Lamarucciola

Our twelve year old son has been taking guitar lessons from Bruce for nearly a year. Bruce makes it fun, yet pushes the kids hard to learn to play guitar at a challenging pace. He is flexible and always on time for his lessons. My son always wants to practice his guitar homework, so that makes it rewarding for our family.

Troy Kruse

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