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What they say about my audio recording


Bruce recorded a live concert for us and provided a Master CD in which to have additional CDs burned. He was professional, set up well before the concert, was out of the way and was efficient in set up and tear down. The final product was good and fun to listen to.

Jodi W

Bruce brought his mobile digital studio into my home, where I wanted to use my own grand piano for a collection of piano solos. He was timely, reliable, professional, and knew his equipment thoroughly. All of the parts of the recording process went very well, from the initial placement of the microphones to the final mastering of the recording. I initially ordered 1,000 pressings of my CD and jacket artwork, and I would not have done so if the recording didn’t turn out so well. I would definitely use Bruce’s recording service for future projects.

Dan Walczak, Pianist, St. Paul MN

The experience was great, Bruce is very positive and easy to work with, and the finished product is a studio quality CD at a ‘starving artist’ rate.

Nick Zielinski, Kilometers Davis

Bruce offers a wonderfully laid back atmosphere to make a high-quality, low cost recording.

Reese Klawitter, Idiotkin

Bruce recorded us in our living room. He was a dedicated and consummate professional with boundless patience and considerable skill. He took days of recording time and helped us create our dream. One of the best things about him is that he would leave on those days with the same positive attitude and pleasing manner he walked in with. It was a huge help and we were delighted to have him mix both our CD’s – “3 into 1” and “Secret in the Garden” plus our newest and most ambitious project SUBJECT TO CHANGE with nearly an hour of music.

Bryan and Kim Griffith, The Molly Hares

It was just what we were looking for: Good quality at a good price along with a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Thanks again!

Jeff Gilbertson, Kilometers Davis

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