Bruce Hoff

Audio Recording and Guitar Lessons


Bruce Hoff Recording Studio. Photo by Mark TriplettRecording

  • Low-cost alternative to a recording studio
  • No job too small
  • Record your children
  • Remembrance recordings
  • Portable equipment means we can record at my place or yours


Bruce Hoff Guitar Lessons. Photo by Mark TriplettGuitar Lessons

  • Teaching since 2002
  • Roseville, MN area
  • Acoustic or electric
  • Emphasis on fundamentals
  • Beginners through intermediate


Just a note

Wondering what to get dear old Dad for Father’s Day?   Don’t even think of getting him another neck tie.  Get him the gift of music in the form of guitar lessons.  Does he already play?  A recording of him playing is something the whole family can enjoy forever.



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